International Civil Aviation Day is celebrated on December 7th of every year. Flights play a major role in taking goods to humans across different countries. Civil Aviation represents all the airlines of all non-military flights including private and commercial ones. It is commemorated to help generate and reinforce global awareness about the importance of international civil aviation. The day also celebrates the role played by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in international air transport. It reminds people about the importance of Civil Aviation in social and economic development.

“You can’t imagine a world, quite frankly, without a safe and secure aviation system. And so our job is to really focus on that, and what we need to do to keep it safe and secure.” – Janet Napolitano

History of International Civil Aviation Day

The first celebration of the day was held in the year 1994. The celebration commemorates the establishment of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on December 7, 1944. ICAO was established to secure international cooperation and uniformity in the matters of civil aviation. It was on this same date, the International Services Transit Agreement along with the International Air Transport Agreement was signed. The unique role of ICAO is in helping the States to support and achieve a truly global rapid transit network at the service of all humankind. The observance of this day aims in making and reinforcing global awareness about the importance of civil aviation in social and economic development. The role of ICAO in promoting the safety, efficiency, and regularity of international air transport is also celebrated on this Day.

International Civil Aviation Day

Most countries in the world are members of the ICAO, and they work together in establishing common standards and recommended practices for civil aviation through that agency. The Day is celebrated from around the world for the people of the aviation community like air traffic control or ATC, airport management, airlines, and aircraft. The UN General Assembly in 1996 had proclaimed December 7 as the International Civil Aviation Day, under an ICAO initiative and with the Canadian Government’s assistance. The assembly had urged the governments and organizations to observe the day and is now an official UN day. It highlights the importance of civil aviation along with its impact on social and economic development.

Other Celebrations on December 7

December 7 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

Book a ticket on the airlines and take a trip abroad to make the celebration Day enjoyable. ICAO actively promotes this celebration Day through various activities and events. Bring in awareness among the people around you about the role of civil aviation. Make classroom activities and conduct seminars about different types of aircraft available and their role. Post and share your views along with the pictures on social media by using the hashtag #CivilAviationDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy International Civil Aviation Day 2022.