National Chocolate Caramel Day is an annual feast celebrated on March 19th. There are millions of fans present for the chocolate flavor as it is one of the ever loved tastes throughout the world. Nothing can beat the taste of rich chocolate and delicious buttery caramel as it is one of the most loved combinations ever. There are countless irresistible items available that have been prepared using the Chocolate and Caramel flavor. One can find Chocolate Caramel from candies to cakes, coffee, ice cream to desserts, and more. Thus the heart-winning combination of chocolate and caramel has been celebrated with a special mark on the calendar as Chocolate Caramel Day. The Day reminds you just to enjoy the delight of this heavenly delightful combination.

“It’s like asking ‘Which do you like better: chocolate or caramel?’ They’re so delicious in their own ways. I really love both of them.” – Kate Walsh

History of National Chocolate Caramel Day

The National Chocolate Caramel Day’s origin, history, and its first observance are anonymous. There isn’t any mention of the founder or organization that has come up with an idea to celebrate the Chocolate Caramel combination. However, Chocolate Caramel has been found to have a long history. It was Milton Hershey who has been widely credited for the making of the chocolate caramel. He has introduced the recipes for chocolate caramels as early as the 1880s. He soon began experimenting with a lot of ways to improve the caramel candy. The World’s Colombian Exposition has come to Chicago in the year 1893. Hershey attended the exhibition and was fascinated by seeing the machinery for the production of German chocolate. He found some German-built machines for manufacturing the chocolate bars in which most manufacturers’ bars were made with chocolate and caramel. Of course, the first product of Hershey’s candy company was a chocolate-covered caramel. Although the Chocolate Caramel may have existed earlier to this, it was Mr. Hershey who made it popular.

National Chocolate Caramel Day

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How to Celebrate National Chocolate Caramel Day

The best way to celebrate National Chocolate Caramel Day is to treat yourself to some delicious Chocolate Caramel pieces. Treat your sweet tooth with some Chocolate Caramel cakes or candies. Indulge in the taste of chocolate caramel brownie or ice creams as desserts to enjoy the Day. Add fudge or caramel sauce as toppings to the ice cream sundae. Prepare a homemade chocolate caramel ice cream or anything made of chocolate caramel at your home to treat your children. Share your chocolate caramel celebrations on social media using the hashtag #ChocolateCaramelDay.

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