Change A Light Day is celebrated on October 1st of this year. In the fast-growing technology world, it is indeed necessary to conserve energy. It’s time for you to change the light to an energy-saving light bulb. Change A Light Day encourages people to save energy by changing the light bulb or light fixture to a more eco-friendly model.

“The LED light bulb is more than ten times the efficiency of regular incandescent lighting, so it can save the world hundreds of billions of dollars in electricity costs.” – Shuji Nakamura

History of Change A Light Day

Change A Light Day was first commemorated in the year 2005 by First Lady Glenna Fletcher. It is an annual occurrence that is celebrated on the first Sunday of October. The aim of the celebration is to save energy & money and lower greenhouse gas emissions by changing one bulb. The First Lady had joined with the federal government and the ENERGY STAR partners from across the country to celebrate this day. The energy-saving light bulbs are more efficient & cheaper, and they last longer when compared to conventional light bulbs. Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs will preserve energy resources and protect the environment. Take one small energy-saving measure on this day inside your house. Replacing one light bulb in your house will certainly reduce your electric bill and help you reduce your carbon foot.

Change A Light Day

Other Celebrations on October 1

October 1 is also celebrated as

How to Observe the Day

The best way to observe the day is by changing your old bulbs to new and energy-saving light bulbs. You can research the best environmentally friendly light bulbs and replace the inefficient light bulbs in your house with them. Try to save both energy and electricity bills. Post and share your celebrations on social media using the hashtag #ChangeALightDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Change A Light Day 2023.