The International Axe Throwing Day is celebrated on June 13th every year. International Axe Throwing Day is celebrated to honor those people who share their passion for Axe Throwing. This day is created to rejoice in the axe-throwing sport. Axe throwing is now a very famous and popular sport, mostly due to the factor that it is unique, fun, and a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. This day was created to encourage the sporty type to go for a historical time and come back, and this sport relieves stress as well.

History of International Axe Throwing Day

The International Axe throwing day was suggested by the World Axe Throwing League to make it a day for Axe Throwers on June 13 every year. Since then, June 13 each and every year has been planned to be celebrated as International Axe Throwing Day. On this day, Axe throwing is free all around the world. Axe throwing is given free to encourage more people to know about this sport and to join the league. The axe was once used as a humble tool to chop the trees, and now it is a part of this fun-filled competition.

International Axe Throwing Day - June 13

Axe throwing competition is to hit a target with nothing but an Axe. It is similar to many other target sports. If you hit the middle of the target, you get the maximum point. There are some strict rules followed in the game, and the game is carried out with safety measures. As this sport deals with the Axe, utmost care is taken not to hurt spectators and the competitors as well. Axe throwing is one of the funniest sports, but we should make sure that we take all the safety measures illustrated there.

Other Celebrations on June 13

June 13 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

If you have a passion for Axe throwing, then go out on this day and play this fun-filled sport. The Axe throwing is absolutely free on this day. You can visit the nearest Axe Throwing sports center and play the sport for free. You can also provide an axe offering to the club. Take your family and friends along with you and enjoy this day with lots of Axe throwing. Create awareness about this day and share your experience with the hashtag #InternationalAxeThrowingDay on social forums.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy International Axe Throwing Day 2024!